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Scott: Hey, look. It’s art.
Cassie: It’s…why’d you put a mustache on the Mona Lisa?
Scott: I didn’t. A guy named Duchamp did. See, he was, uh, I guess he was trying to say something about art and money and stuff.
Cassie: Say something like what?
Scott: Like, it was art because he said it was art, and tht maybe art shouldn’t take itself so seriously all the time. Maybe art was whatever anybody says it is, and sometimes it’s silly. And sometimes silly is okay too.
Cassie: Where did you get it.
Scott: Um, found it?
Cassie: I like it.
Scott: Yeah. Silly’s not so bad sometimes. Hey did you write that?
Cassie: We’re learning cursive. Do you like it? 

Marvel Now! Point One (2012)

Tags: cassie langscott langmarvel

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