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Avengers Academy #23 & 24

Laura/Jeanne friendship is one I’m most interested in seeing developed (though right now Mettle/Laura seem to be getting closer which I’m loving too, I just love Laura making friends!). Anyway about Jeanne/Laura, I can see them being really good for each other. They’re very different characters, but do share some traits in ways they can understand each other. Similar with how they interact with others being very logical & direct. I also think they feel and process their emotions the same way. And sometimes don’t know what to do with those feelings or quite understand them. Both growing up, lived in uncaring environments and were deprived of expressing themselves, they were constantly being used. Emotions and understanding their own feelings are still new to them, and they’re figuring them out now. 

I also kinda think Laura and Jeanne are near the same point in their lives where they are just learning to be their own person and they’re finally making their own decisions for themselves. And deciding what they want and who they want to be. I think they’re a great match and they’d have a beautiful friendship and I see them helping one another out a lot. 

I also read comments about Jeanne having this competitive nature, and I just haven’t seen it, and it’s neither the type of person she’s grown to be. The thing about Jeanne, that I think many people mistake of her is that she is after being the best, but she’s not. Finesse is after knowledge and she just craves learning more. So I don’t think her and Laura will end up rivals or anything, or Jeanne’s personality would be bad for Laura. Plus so far, Jeanne has been nothing but welcoming to her. Like she offered flashcards she made to help her out! That’s soo funny & sweet! And like Laura, Jeanne is a really good girl too. She’s grown to be selfless and always help her friends and I’d say though she’s more amoral, lately she’s been becoming pretty heroic.

Anyway to end this, love both my favorite ladies very much! I would so love them to become awkward best friends who spend their days hanging out & studying flashcards in trees and training with each other.

And when they become best friends, Remy & Pietro being their personal mentors/father figures can start hanging out which each other too!

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